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Robert Saldi is the best wire guy I have ever worked with. Bar none! I have been in electrical distribution for 20 years and the combination of Robert along with the backing of DWC is a winning combination. Always helpful whether it’s quoting material, processing orders, and even doing returns. DWC has always had my back!

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Our Account Managers know pretty much all there is to know about wire & cable.  They're fascinated by the stuff! So, hit us up with all your questions. See Robert over there? If he can't answer your questions, he'll talk to the rest of the team and get the answers for you.  

We sell 100% through electrical distribution. 

But, don't worry - if you aren't a distributor partner, we'll connect you with one of ours.  
(We don't like to brag, but we're pretty connected!)

Robert Saldi

DWC Account Manager
Denver, Colorado

Keith G, Electrical Distributor
Burlington, WA

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